About Us

Applicate IT is a software and innovation company founded in 2010 in Silkeborg, Denmark.


We develop customized software solutions, which creates value for our customers and partners. We develop for both the private as well as public sector, in addition to research projects with business communities and major institutions.


Our strength is to connect the many new technologies in an IT product without compromising with usability and quality. We take the virtue of investigating and developing state-of-the-art technology, and thus, we do no limit ourselves.


All of our solutions are generic and focus is on the details to ensure flexibility and maintainability, especially with usability as the overall goal. Therefore, we never work with standard off-the-shelf solutions.



”If you can think it, we can realize it” 

Applicate whishes to be much more than a regular software development company. We create innovative software based on your ideas or business challenges, and we strive for developing value-added software, which fits to your needs.

Two continents – One Danish owned company

In order to secure the best solution and quality for the most attractive and competitive price, we have placed our second office in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Our employees are all highly educated(either bachelor or master’s level), which enables us to offer some of the best conditions on the market in a coherent development process – until a finished and fully functional IT-solution.

  • DENMARK, Silkeborg


    IT product development

  • UX/UI design

  • Project management

  • Funding

  • Direction

  • VIETNAM, Hanoi


    Technical specifications and documentations

  • Software development

  • Quality assurance

  • Testing

  • Administration


Do you need the extra ressources?

We can deliver pure software development, Development as a Service, on your IT projects, in which the project is thoroughly specified by you and us.


Our experience is that specific solutions, demands specific development- and programming specialists within the various areas of technology on both Front- and BackEnd level. In today’s world, a programmer is not just a programmer, and no programmers can embrace all relevant technology areas efficiently or safely. Our fulltime employees are all targeted specialists at minimum bachelor or master level, within one or more of the major development platforms. Our employees are all either sitting in our Danish or Vietnamese office.


Our process


The development process of Applicate IT, and as illustrated below, involves and take care of the customer’s needs and choices during all the necessary phases. From idea and concept generation to the launch of the product.


As a customer of Applicate IT, you fully choose and decide in which phase Applicate IT should participate in. Some customers prefers using specific services such as UX design or core development, while others engage in the full development cycle from idea to turnkey solution.




Applicate IT does not have any open job positions at the moment. We appreciate any unsolicited applications, and we will always deliver you a reply.

No open positions

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