We involve the future end-users in the development process, which helps secure a successful solution.

Happy and satisfied users make your app successful, which again should show on the bottom line. Applicate IT involves the users in the development process and make sure nothing is left to chance. Therefore, we ensure the best prerequisites for a user-friendly solution.

For each project, we organize in collaboration with the customer, the UX course that matches in the best possible way the project’s configuration and economy. If the ends are difficult to put together, we strongly recommend that we develop less functionality instead of saving on the user involvement.

Methods for user involvement

– User tests (Qualitative analysis – efficiency vs effectiveness)

– Questionnaires (Quantitative analysis)

– Workshops

– Field studies

You fully decide how you want the result presented. It can be through a meeting or a thorough structured and written report.

Other UX disciplines we use

– Story boards

– Use cases + personas

– Flow chart

– Expert review

– Prototyping


– Usability testing

– Fokus grupper

– Card sorting

– Graphical design, which follows the latest trends

Last but not least, we can also collect and analyse data from existing solutions through tools such as ThePerfectApp or Google Analytics, which help you and us to tell a great deal about the current user behaviour in the solution in question.

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