Cloud services

New video-sharing app in development

Record, send, receive and forget. New app from VideoFlipp aims to make video sharing smarter and easier.

Applicate IT has in cooperation with the people behind VideoFlipp, initiated a project of developing a new mobile app for both private users as well as companies.

The app will be based on a video recording feature, that lets private users record and share it easy to another user. The core feature is that the receiver of such a video does not have to be in possession of the VideoFlipp app.

For paying customers, will the users of VideoFlipp from a company or private family be able to share the recorded videoes to a shared video feed in the cloud. From the cloud the individual videoes can be further managed according to either marketing purposes, documentation, and much more.

Applicate IT are happy for the collaboration and looks forward to design, develop and deliver the finished product to VideoFlipp.


New collaborative project about medicine dosage calculation for infants and children

Applicate IT, The Alexandra Institute and Rigshospitalet have engaged in a collaborative venture in order to solve a research-based and technological advanced project.

The project revolves around the actions, processes and calculations of the dispensation of medicine to vulnerable infants and children.

The collaboration came to a start because of the partners competencies, where Applicate IT takes care of the project management, development and delivery of the new cloud-based platform.

The project is expected to be launched during 2018 for both the clinical staff at hospitals as well as private medicinal practitioners.

IT to support supply-chain establishment in Asia

Applicate IT actively participates in a new B2B internet concept for supply-chain establishment and management in the Asian market, which aims to contribute to a transparent market where information is shared freely and across the distribution chain.

Communications portal for SMSTrailerLock

A new platform to handle truck trailer locks is now released. Read more about SMSTrailerLock and the development in our case section

New payroll registration system is now released

On behalf of the accountant, “Dansk Løn Service”, Applicate IT has developed the system “Kvik Løn”. It is a user-friendly system with a generic payroll system for workers paid by the hour and their disbursement.

We form a strategic cooperation with bosoLog

BosoLog and Managing Director Jesper Ravn Jacobsen is not just neighbours to Applicate IT in the Fresh Water Center in Silkeborg. Applicate IT has in fact, entered into a strategic cooperation with BosoLog, and Applicate IT is actively contributing with coaching and development of an advanced platform the management of sensor collected data.  

The portal plays a central role in BosoLog’s business, as this is where customers are presented with data collected by sensors, which follows their assets around the world. As it is concerning assets often worth several millions DKK, it is important that BosoLog’s clientele keep up with the kind of stress assets are exposed to. The sensors are among other things measuring temperature, humidity, vibrations and GPS / GMS positions, and data is analysed directly on the portal.  

Appy Days case 2014: from manufacturing to service

Applicate IT participated in the Appy Days competition, about becoming the Danish campion of App development. Simply put, the competition was about developing the best App in just a day and a half.  



Exciting Monday

On Monday, the first day of the competition, we met expectant up at the premises of Silkeborg Business College. We were here, received during the early morning by a good mood and combat-ready companies. After a short introduction by the excellent facilitator Lasse Chor, we got a short pitch by each case team.  

The teams were matched, and then we were off to begin.  

Most of Monday afternoon was spent discussing the solution thoroughly with Sam System. In order to the solution our clients wanted, we had to get under the skin of their business. Because of that we started inquiring about Sam Systems strategy, their market, competitive situation etc. etc. Afterwards we had a complete understanding of what kind of solution Sam Systems needed, and we could start production. 

Internet of Products

Sam Systems produces embedded software for controlling tank trucks, including lights, rolling up the hoses, regulating the pressure in the hoses and handling of chambers in the tank. The system is controlled form a touchscreen permanently mounted on the side of the truck, but the driver is often not within range of the screen. This gives downtime, which is a big disadvantage, as it can cost up to DKK 10,000 an hour to have a tanker stationary. The solution was therefore to equip driers with an App to operate the truck instead. 


Beacons are part of the solution

Applicate IT came up with a solution that created value all the way throughout their value-chain, by amongst other things introducing Beacons and handling offline challenges. Sam System can with our solution, take their first steps from production-company into becoming a service company.

Read more about Sam System here