Streamlining and cost-savings with cloud handling your IT system – in the short and long term.

Applicate IT develops true cloud-based solutions directly to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform. In addition, we also develop solutions for the more traditional hosting platforms, and in-house operations, depending on the individual business case customer preference.

As former founders of a major hosting company sold to TDC, and subsequently first movers on true cloud service since 2010, we have a great knowledge of the operation of cloud-based solutions. A knowledge and experience that can benefit your business as well.

Why cloud services?

They contain unprecedented scaling and operational possibilities, as well as uptime insurance in practice. They also open up for a more direct management of costs in relation to revenue per. Sold service unit.

With IT solutions developed for cloud operation with the correct task-related cloud platform, you can also reap the benefits of cloud computing. Applicate IT typically provides all its solutions as turnkey IT-solutions that the customers can use to realize their business goals.

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