We succesfully developed a technically demanding app.

Project info

The challenge

The idea with one of the digital aids in AwareCare is to automatically notify relatives or the municipial caregiver via the MyAreas app in case the the citizen looses orientation outside the home while alone. The citizen is recommended to stay put and wait for pickup or contact. By help of the app, the notified persons can coordinate and work together on finding the citizen again.

One of the challenges of a 100% autmoated and autonomous app in the citizen’s pocket lies in a relatively high battery consumption for both GPS, GSM and the continous data exchange with the cloud, all of which require a proportionately fair amount of battery.

One of the other challenges with the app is based on the fact that even though there is a bad connection and the elderly’s mobile is offline, the app as well as the rest of the system must still function anyway.

The Solution

We helped customize the user interface of the administration module, so older citizens with visually impairment and poor IT skills can use the solution as well. The solution has been user-tested by citizens from Horsens Municipality, where it has received positive feedback. The solution was user-tested by citizens from Horsens Municipality and received great feedback from there.

To solve the need regarding battery consumption and full functionality during bad data connection, we deveoped a series of special protocols along with a technical architecture, which solved these issues. Even without data connection, the app and the rest of the system still works – and with only a small amount of battery used.

Another decisive factor was to build the solution in such a way that the demented citizen is not surveiled, thereby retaining privacy. Here we made sure that the citizen is only tracked by selected relatives using the app, and only if the citizen is moving away from safe areas and need the help accordingly. 

Besides the solutions and improvements of AwareCare’s app, we have also played an active role in getting the project funded and establish a cooperation with Horsens Municipality.

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About AwareCare

AwareCare is a system with different digital aids aimed at elderly citizens in Danmark.

The goal with AwareCare is to help elderly and demented citizens become more independent, give them greater comfort to participate in activities, to get a larger social circle, and to preserve their opportunity for independent residence for a longer period of time. Additionally, AwareCare also provides relatives and caregiver greater comfort on a daily basis.


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