We kickstarted bosoLog’s business with the development of
strong IoT concept and acquisition of funding.

Project info

The challenge

If a company’s valuable shipment is damaged during transit, who carries the responsibility, what has excactly happened could the damage have been avoided? Important materials have disappeared from stock. Where are they?

The challenge was to create a system, which could register inadvertent incidents, for example by (but not limited to); GPS tracking, impacts, changes in temperature and moisture.

The Solution

Together with bosoLog, we developed a strong IoT concept, which help their customers unravel the issues regarding shipping damages.

BosoLog exploits the opportunities within IoT technology to surveil valuable goods in transit or in a fixed location via data collection from sensors placed on the goods – data which for example can be used for determining liability of damaged goods.

Applicate IT devised the collaboration portal, which is used for handling data from the sensors. The value limits for the given load, which the goods can be exposed to, are setup by the users themselves. The portal is built based on the management-by-exception principle in the sense that the users are not notified unless a good is being exposed to overload.

That way users do not have to monitor in ral-time, but can instead focus on the core business based on the assumption that no news are good news.

Via the portal, different actors can collaborate on the handling of measurements outside upper- or lower value limits.

As a result of bosoLog’s close dialogue-based collaboration with their small and large customers, the company has a promising future ahead of it, one in which the portal’s functionalities will need to be expanded.. Amendment wishes are handed over to us on an ongoing basis as we contionously maintain and update the portal.

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About bosoLog

BosoLog is a company, which has developed a unique product in which users can monitor and log all incidents on machines and equipment, which is under way, in stock or in use


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