Technically advanced portal for tracking rain- and wasterwater incidents in sewage pipes.

Project info

The challenge

A fiber with measuring points is pulled through the sewage pipe in which
it lies in for a time period and measures the temperature along the cable. This
fiber wiggles in the sewage pipes and is pulled up and down by wells along the way.
Thus, one meter on the cable does not correspond to one meter of sewage pipe. That is why it has been a challenge to find the best solution, which tracks leaks in sewages under ground.

The Solution

In cooperation with EnviDan and a research group at Aarhus University, we developed a portal for tracking leaks in sewages.

Temperature-bitmaps are sent to a portal where data kan be analyzed. A research unit at Aarhus University delivered the algorithm for analyzing temeperature-bitmaps. From the portal, the technician can compare measured data with a map and then identify excactly the place where the leakage is. Moreover, he can also find out under which weather conditions the leak occurs. Afterwards, the real-world leakage can be found and dealt with..

From EnviDTS, integration to several of EnviDan’s systems exist, such as Dandas and GIS along with external systems as for collecting data on rainy weather.

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About Envidan

EnviDan is a engineering consultancy business, a modern environmental enterprise offering professional solutions within water, waste water and biogas.

EnviDan provides expertise within the fields of advanced treatment of water and waste water, climate adaptation, drain technology, energy optimisation and biogas.


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