The strong concept of mapflakes got transformed into a user-friendly app and solid business.

Project info

The challenge

Despite Mapflakes’ great knowledge of the market and their commitment, they had the challenge of turning the idea into an app and a business. Together with MapFlakes, we started out scheduling the design of the app, and more importantly, planning how a business could be built around it.

The Solution

Together with Mapflakes, we not only designed and developed a user-friendly and flawless mobile app, but also a WordPress website for marketing the solution.

To find the best solution for the Mapflakes-concept, we sat down with them and drew up and presented ideas for one another. Afterwards, we initiated the UX design phase with the aim to transform the ideas into the first wireframes. At the same time, our project managers broke ground for a requirements specification, which gave an overview of all information and time schedules relating to the project. Our CTO also participated with his specialized knowledge of technology with which optimal use could be ensured. Choice of technology was a native app along with a .NET backend with a NoSQL database (MongoDB) and elastic search, hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud service.

After further dialogue with Mapflakes, the last details came into place and the requirement specification was completed before beginning the actual production of the app. The UX designer laid out a graphic line and the simple wireframes were transformed into detailed screens with additional interaction design.

With a thorough requirements specification and graphics in hand, our specialists in iOS and Android could start programming the app. Our dedicated backend-developers also started programming a database- and administration module, which later on, amongst others, had to be used for BI and further expansion of the app.

With an agile development process and continous thorough testing, we came up with a user-friendly and flawless system together with Mapflakes. The app was launched in March 2017.

Mapflakes, Logo

About Mapflakes

Mapflakes is a social app, which lets you share holiday memories and plan your next trip - on that basis you can also go exploring based your friends' or other users' previous experiences. Sharing of experiences and thereby tips is in focus.

Mapflakes enables you to make a personalized map by plotting and sharing holiday experiences, photos and routes on maps with other travel enthusiasts.

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