We provided the emergency pediatric ward with a powerful decision support tool.

Project info

The challenge

At Righsopitalet’s emergency pediatric ward, there had long been a need for being able to quickly look up a child’s physical data (height, weight, age etc.) along with information regarding relevant need-based mixing instructions in relation to for example intravenous (injections) or cutaneous (skin prepaerations). The existing software solution, which Rigshospitalet had under development, was not good enough and was based on a wrong architecture and technological choice, resulting in bad performance. This was also apparent from the source code, which The Alexandra Institute had reviewed.

The Solution

The Alexandra Institute recommended Rigshospitalet to use Applicate IT as supplier for their new R&D project covering a new software solution for a decision support tool on pediatric medicine. Other similar development project within the EU had already failed to meet almost identical requirements, so it was important for everyone involved to succeed.

Thus, we were involved early on with the aim of creating a much more flexible,
maintenance-friednly and scalable solution to the good of both the professional
staff and the patients at the pediatric ward. We designed a new software architecture from scratch and developed an advanced data model, which we covered the need for from a statisical point of view. With a hybrid approach to the data structure, we made sure that the system would be able to handle different amounts of data and a great number of avraibles per medication.

With the new pediatric medicine solution, specialists at the emergency pediatric ward now have a decision support tool, which can provide a complete insight into and guidance for the best way of treatment for each child. Moving forward, the use of the pediatric medicine solution at general practicioners throughout the Danish regions is also an urgent wish.

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Rigshospitalet is Denmark's largest and most specialized hospital, consisting of 7 centers (five treatment centers and two transversal centers), 1244 prescribed beds, and more than 12.000 employees. Rigshospitalet, which was merged with Glostrup Hospital in 2015, not only handles all country- and province functions within all medical specilisations, including pediatric medicine, but also the role as local hospital for 70.000 inhabitants within the inner Copenhagen and Østerbro.


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