We kickstarted SMSTrailerLock’s business by raising
more than half a million Danish kroner in funding

Project info

The challenge

SMSTrailerLock showed up with a groundbreaking product for the European transport industry. On top of that, they also presented a thorough market analysis and a business plan.

The challenge for SMSTrailerLock was to finance the start-up of the business. The company was facing several start-up costs, including development of a new type of lock, patenting and programming of an advanced platform for administration of the locks.

The Solution

On behalf of SMSTrailerLock, our funding expert found the relevant pools and got the funds granted. In cooperation with SMSTrailerLock, we devised a safety concept and a protocol, which fitted right into freight forwarders and hauliers’ working processes and procedures.

SMSTrailerLock’s locks are made for truck trailers for high-value goods transporting. The lock prevents theft of the trailer, no matter if it is empty or filled with precious cargo. Data on the lock and trailer is collected through the portal and needs to be completely valid, since it may be used in insurance matters etc. Here, we have helped SMSTrailerLock ensuring the valid data exchange and collection.

SMSTrailerLock, Logo

About SMSTrailerLock

SMSTrailerLock provides safety solutions to customers in the transport industry. The company wants to give customers the most secure and innovative solution for securing truck trailers.

SMSTrailerLock offers simplicity, flexibility and security in one simple solution.

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