Sensors are the cornerstones of IoT and the application possibilities are endless

Internet of Things or IoT for short, is the term that your ”things” are connected wirelessly to the internet or each other. These “things” can, for the private individual be their mobile, car or even their coffee maker. In the industrial sector, sensors are for example used in production lines that generate a lot of data, that can drive intelligent automated processes and supply important contextual information. The application possibilities are endless.

Small sensors with wireless reading and data communication to a server is the sensor solution that is usually part of our projects. From the server, we can extract relevant data for statistics and real-time monitoring. We can use all protocol forms and sensor types.

We have the necessary skill for developing and creating sensor solutions, which are the core of IoT systems. It can be everything, from the single temperature sensor to multi-sensors solutions, to the utilization of the sensors built into our mobile phones.

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