We strengthen our dev team

Based on a major new invention, which we have made in collaboration with Aarhus University, as well as the addition of several large new customer projects, we have recently expanded our already strong development team significantly with as many as seven new developers. Especially the innovation project concerning climate footprint measuring, one which counts several …

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R&D: Digital photogrammetry

We work with the latest technologies on a continous basis, and this spring, in connection with an R&D development project for a customer around digital photogrammetry, we have achieved some truly incredible results. For example, with a modern smartphone camera we have made a 360 degree video of a coffee bag placed on our office …

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New website

OK, admitted. It was time for a breath of fresh air, so we just went LIVE with our new website! This has been in the works for a while now, as we have had an increasing focus on optimizing our digital profile over the past few months, based on the hiring of a new marketing …

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We join UNGC

As part of our increased focus on adapting to a more sustainable business administration, we have joined the Danish branch of the worldwide CSR initiative UN Global Compact, which several of the country’s companies and other stakeholders are now a part of. Director Michael Pedersen comments on Applicate IT’s new membership of UN Global Compact …

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