New video-sharing app in development

Record, send, receive and forget. New app from VideoFlipp aims to make video sharing smarter and easier.

Applicate IT has in cooperation with the people behind VideoFlipp, initiated a project of developing a new mobile app for both private users as well as companies.

The app will be based on a video recording feature, that lets private users record and share it easy to another user. The core feature is that the receiver of such a video does not have to be in possession of the VideoFlipp app.

For paying customers, will the users of VideoFlipp from a company or private family be able to share the recorded videoes to a shared video feed in the cloud. From the cloud the individual videoes can be further managed according to either marketing purposes, documentation, and much more.

Applicate IT are happy for the collaboration and looks forward to design, develop and deliver the finished product to VideoFlipp.