mobile app development

Development of apps for both iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

types of mobile apps

In general, there are three types of apps for smartphones and tablets:

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps

The type of app you should choose in connection with app development depends on budget, functionality and the app’s target group. We would of course be happy to help you find the right solution, which suits your needs. Below, you can e.g. read more about the different types of apps and the differences between them

native apps

During development of a native app, coding takes place for a specific platform (iOS, Android or UWP (Universal Windows Platform)) without the use of intermediate 3rd party technology. App development for native, whether for iOS and / or Android, creates a Rolls Royce model of apps. A native app has full integration into the mobile phone hardware, optimal performance, fluent user interaction and full source code control, without any 3rd party elements such as hybrid technologies.

The distribution of a native app takes place through app store, for example Apples App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store. These app stores make up a central place for the user to search for and find native apps. A disadvantage of using both iOS and Android for native apps is that app development can take significantly longer compared to hybrid apps and web apps. Nevertheless, over time, further development and maintenance costs will be lower compared to hybrid apps. Besides, with native apps you can be sure not to end up in a potential technology trap.

Hybrid apps

A hybrid app is a mixture of a web app and a native app, where a website – ie. a web app installed on the user’s device – looks like a native app. In app development for hybrid, a common basic code is created for several platforms, after which the remaining 10-30% of the codes are developed specifically for each platform (iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform (UWP)). Depending on the hardware integration requirements, app development for hybrid may be cheaper compared to native app development. Similar to native apps, hybrid apps are distributed by the help of stores, and the end-user achieves almost the same good user experience. When developing apps for hybrid, it is worth noting that hybrid platforms do not offer as good hardware integration and user experience as native apps. On top of that, future features and hardware integration become limited, or even impossible, or will require many additional man hours to complete or maintain.

We use the React Native framework in connection with app development for this type of apps.

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experienced app developers

Our app developers come with decades of international experience from the industry, including i.a. from Samsung. Our expertise is your guarantee for a high-quality mobile app solution delivered on time. Still, we keep the price very competitive.

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web apps

In short, a web app is a mobile-optimized website and not an actual mobile app. App development for web is cheaper, and the format works for all phones and tablets and requires minimal maintenance in relation to getting updates made. However, there is no integration into the mobile phone’s hardware, for example the camera, and the user interaction is also limited by the possibilities, which the web technology is limited by. Basically, a web app must be online in order to work, and it does not work nearly as fast as a hybrid app or a native app does. Therefore, that is also the reason why most modern concepts do not work well through a web app. The choice of a web app can be fine for simple apps and this kind of app development is relatively fast.

exploiting the hardware

In connection with app development, we utilize the sensors in the mobile’s hardware, for example accelerometer, GPS etc. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with communication with beacons and Bluetooth, SMS, push-messaging, QR-/barcodes and NFC. In our app development, we are focused on battery life, performance, offline access, good usability and quality.


We have several years of experience with app development for both the public and private sectors, and we would also be happy to help you find the right mobile app solution in relation to your business needs, budget etc. Our platform specialists safely and skillfully develop all kinds of apps, of course based on your choices and our ongoing collaboration.



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