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We develop together with you

We have several years of experience with software development for both the private and public sector, and have facilitated and taken part in many development projects over time. Combined, our highly trained IT specialists possess an enormous amount of knowledge within software development as a discipline, including tools, environments and methods for development, quality assurance and maintenance of software, as well as the use of components, libraries and various frameworks.

We have previously advised on a wide range of projects with everything from the entrepreneur with a great idea to companies that have required a whole new way of thinking about business and software development. Our knowledge about the latest technologies can help open new doors for you to explore and develop state-of-the-art technology solutions. As basis, we always use a customer-oriented R&D process, which in itself form the technological foundation for our future products and services, including software development in particular. With us you will find no limitations; if you can think it, we can also realize it for you.


Your ideas and needs are always the starting point for a development project with us, and with our great expertise in software development, you are in safe hands. We cover the full range of modern programming languages ​​and are able to combine several of the latest technological possibilities into one tailor-made solution, without compromising on either usability or quality. We have a strong focus on CMMI, and with us you do not get a standard solution, since what we deliver is always generic and well thought out to the last detail. In this way, we also ensure that you have a trouble-free operation and a future-proof software solution afterwards.

If you need software development, we can not only be your supplier for the next development project, but also your active sparring partner, who ensures that your development needs are continuously heard, challenged and realized – simply with the common goal of reaching a new tailor-made software solution, which creates value for your business. In other words, we are more than just the traditional developer for you, who a faced with a challenge or an idea, which requires business insights, innovative competencies and experince.

Profilbillede, Dorte Rasmussen

We involve you in every phase of the software development process, all the way from the initial dialogues about your needs and wishes to the final turnkey. During the process, we emphasize transparancy in the collaboration. That way we make sure that both parties completely agree on what needs to delivered when, and at what price.

Dorte, IT Project Lead | MSc. IT

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We tailor the software solution to your specific needs without compromising on usability and quality. Great industry experience and reasonable prices.

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devops to your advantage

If you want us to also handle the operation of your software solution, we have implemented DevOps, which is a contraction of the words ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. The term in general covers the combination of the development- and IT opeerations departments. With DevOps as an integral part of our deliveries in relation to software development, we focus on ensuring the union between the employees, the processes and applied technology in our organization, for the benefit of the customers we develop and operate for. Our teams working in a DevOps culture and following the procedures herein, are better at adapting to your needs, increase confidence in the built solutions and meeting your business needs faster. Witn a well-run DevOps setup, we can deploy software many times daily, without worries and breakdowns. With a good deployment routine as well as systems that have already been built, roll-backs become significantly easier and our specialists do not have to worry about this in connection with software development. At the same time, time-to-market speed is increased.

Advantages of DevOps:

  • Faster, cheaper and more stable delivery
  • More stable software solution
  • No hectic deployment days

Broad experience

With us, transparency in our ongoing collaboration with the customer is crucial – also when it comes to software development. In connection with our development process, which combines both an initial agile design and specification phase with the waterfall model, we place great emphasis on the importance of you gaining full insight into the development project, including which deliveries are to fall when and at what price – and that is all the way from the initial coverage of your needs until you have a ready-made and fully documented and valuable software solution.


We deliver documented high quality, which several of our previous development projects, including for e.g. Rigshospitalet, testifies. Our quality assurance in connection with software development means that we continuously document your solution, and make sure to develop according to best-practice principles. The specification of your final ready-to-run software solution must be in order, also so you can maintain it effectively in the future.



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