Applicate IT creates innovative software development of your needs

At Applicate IT we can connect several of the latest technological capabilities into a single IT solution, without compromising on ease-of-use or quality.

In collaboration with you with a focus on your ideas and needs, we develop the solution for you and your company. We always develop the solution as generic and modular as possible, in order to secure a maintainable and flexible solution you can modify as you need in the future.

Applicate IT is not only a provider of development, we also engage as an active sparring partner, where your development needs are heard and realized into a tailor-made solution.

Applicate IT is, in other words, more than just the software development, we also help you solve your business challenges, which require business knowledge and innovative software. We have experience with advice for a wide range of projects, ranging from entrepreneurs with a great idea to municipals that required a new way of thinking software.

We have deep knowledge of emerging technologies; thus, we are able to guide you and your business through research and develop state-of-the-art technology. At Applicate IT we see no limits, only problems to be solved. If you can think it, we can realize it.

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